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New releases of Surway
Hi All!
You can subscribe and receive email notifications about new versions of Surway.

Version is available since 24-Jun-17. Algorithm of searching an optimal azimuth that is close to magnetic North or South was enhanced significantly.

Please, be sure that the dialog window "About..." shows the correct number of the release. Оccasionally you might have to clear a Windows System Temp folder to remove scraps of the previous version.

Best regards,
Yuri Kaplan
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New version is available since 03-Jul-17. Now you can input a number of Data Log file columns delimiters into the field "another/others" in Settings dialog. It gives an ability to treat GE's MWD Data Log file because it consists the both ";" and "=" delimiters. See application help for details.

Attention! You need to specify * for any values in new versions of Surway, for instance Inc =*.

[Image: ScreenShotGE.png]
A New and Final version of Surway 3.0.0 is available since 07-Jul-2017.
The SURrealistic WAY has been improved dramatically. An optimal azimuth is calculated perfectly now.
Please, replace your old versions and enjoy!

Best regards,
Version 3.01 added - I was requested to provide compatibility with old versions of MS Windows - done (But IMHO if you have an old computer, you'd better install MS Windows 7 and update it).
I was asked how to find system folder Temp.  Here you are
[Image: d3R3GMQA.png]

Or you can download and run clear_temp.bat
The version 3.02 is available. In response to a public demand I removed popup warning about different axis' depths and also added some pauses during calculation to lighten multitasking at old slow computers.
The version 3.03 is available. I'm sure you'll like it: time of calculation has been decreased; graphs of optimal Bt and Dip have been added; TVD calculation has been added; the problem of writing non-Latin symbols into a log file in old versions of MS Windows has been solved; the help was expanded; a script of looking for surveys in input log files has been enhanced; azimuth correction in case of enormous magnetic interference was added; a number of the user interface features have been improved
The version 3.04 is available. The problem of writing non-Latin national symbols into a log file in old MS Windows has been removed
The version 3.04 is available. See its new features on site.
The version 3.05 is available. Now Surway controls surveys' times and will warn if an user tries to use axes from different surveys.

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