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SCC Process - qtowndiver - 05-17-2018

I’m trying to understand the SCC process and the following quote from your website: 
“The Z-axis value is altered to provide a minimum difference with reference values“

does this mean that the SCC process uses the raw X and raw Y values and then adjusts the Z value until the calculated total mag field and the dip match expected values.  Then this calculated Z-value is used with the raw X and Y values to calculate the azimuth?

RE: SCC Process - Yuri_Kaplan - 05-21-2018

Thank you for your question. Yes, it is.
The method uses measured X and Y axes. Measured Z axis is ignored at all. True Z axis is calculated using measured X and Y axes and referenced values of geomagnetic field for that time, coordinates and depth. Such referenced values are a magnitude of magnetic intensity and its dip angle and they may be got from worldwide geomagnetcic models like IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field) or BGGM (British Global Geomagnetic Model) or a more precise local model.